Why not join Harmony InSpires?

We meet on Wednesday evenings, 7:15–10:00pm at Marcham Centre, Barrow Close, Marcham OX13 6TY

The first Wednesday of each month is a "Welcome Wednesday", when we invite anyone interested in joining us to come along and watch us rehearse.

You will be able to join in our warm-up session and our chorus members will be more than happy to tell you about their experience of singing with Harmony InSpires. If you’re hooked by the end of the evening we can talk you through the joining process.

Don’t want to wait for the first Wednesday? You’re welcome to visit us at any rehearsal!

Please drop us a note first so we know to expect you .
Sound good?   Contact us now at

More about joining us ....

Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins. It is a wonderful way of casting off the cares of the day and making new friends.

Do you enjoy singing; want to make new friends; want to have a new challenge?

We sing in four part harmony and of course our style is a cappella - we use a pitch pipe to get our start note and then our voices create the music. You do not have to read music to join Harmony InSpires. We do use written music but we also provide you with audio teach tracks as an aid to learning new songs.

We do ask that you can commit to learning songs in your own time and attend the weekly rehearsals on a Wednesday evening and the occasional weekend throughout the year. 
We have many opportunities to sing out to audiences as well as receiving vocal and presentation coaching from the best people in the field.

You will be surprised how much your singing improves in resonance and control and how much your confidence grows! And all this for £20 a month!

Further information on joining the club can be found in our Information booklet
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